What you use to get growth things done.

We want you to be empowered with tools that help you to plan clearly, and take the action you need to grow your business vision.
With the campaign room you have a space where you can clearly plan your campaigns, and share them with your team to take them into action.
You can see the insights that will influence your campaign planning and decision-making.

We use tools, we've made them available to you within an easy to use format of the Campaign Room - run reports without having to know how to set them up. We've also added insights and know-how within the campaign room with a smart discovery process that informs the different campaign options, tailoring the results to those most relevant to you and the strategies that you can consider. Then, with your approaches identified, the platform helps to inform you of the merits of different options so you can make a more informed decision.

Once you have a plan you can put it into action with the Growth Asset briefs. Share them with your team quickly and easily to get your resources and campaigns into action, and increase your company assets, driving revenue actions.

You can also delegate directly to our the Claritao Network of specialists where we will take care of delivering the project brief. Whether internally delivered, or to a trusted third party, you have the resources to plan, and deliver seamlessly with Claritao and the Campaign Room.

Access tools in the Campaign Room