Why SEO is still alive

December 20, 2018
Daniel Janes

SEO is still very much relevant to marketing today.

Would you rather walk across town or get an uber or take the tube. Sometimes its easier to get the support - get there quicker, and without the frantic panic. If you’re not in a hurry to get to your destination, and you aren’t going very far, then thats fine, walk your way there - I often do this, and its very pleasant. But in my business now, I want growth. I have ambitions, and so I’m going to use the right tool for the job, pay a % of the revenues I expect, and invest in getting a result more quickly. That is what using paid search is about. Whether it is Google Adwords, or Facebook marketing you can get to your prospects more directly. Instead of attracting people with organic content, you are paying for space. However Organic - SEO (Free) is still relevant. Free is a little misleading as a lot of time and effect goes into creating effective content - which costs time and money. That aside - SEO helps your quality score when you are using paid advertising with Google as an example.

Google is in business to serve adverts, and make money because people keep coming back for the relevant search results. Therefore Google rewards good content and relevant ads as their business relies on it to provide better results than their competitors. Google judges how relevant your content is by giving it a quality score, this is used to calculate the cost of your advertising. If you have a low quality score, your advertising cost is going to be higher as they want to reward relevant and well written content.

This means that the more relevant the content to the users search, and the better the technical setup of the content the cheaper the cost of advertising will be. This all goes towards encouraging better content to be created and delivered in their search results for Google users. So improve your content and your advertising costs can go down. So don’t ignore the SEO best practices when it comes to PPC. This isn’t SEO as you may know it.

SEO is not about trying to trick search engines into finding your page. SEO is about improving your content to improve the user experience - otherwise known as white hat SEO. Black hat SEO is that SEO which tries to mislead Google into serving the results by tricking it with fake links, such as link farms and other tactics, these are punished by Google and can cause the website to all but disappear from search results so be careful. Remember SEO is important in your Paid search approaches - yet don’t get carries away and try and cheat the system, think about how you can add value to the visitors that are looking for your products and share that expertise with them. This is more likely to produce favourable search engine results.


Daniel Janes is the Chief Simplicity Office of Claritao. He has been running a digital marketing agency ConverXion for 10 years where they enhance performance online. He set up Claritao to bring together a diverse range of specialists to deliver solutions to clients specific needs, taking a consultative approach to understanding their needs and developing an integrated solution. This was ever more required by clients, yet beyond the original scope of ConverXion and so through Claritao clients are now able to explore the full joined up approach, and specialist delivery to support their growth aspirations. See Claritao Collaborative for more on how we work, or take a Discovery to find your next steps in your business Growth journey.

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