Taking Care of Yourself

If you aren't taking care of yourself, you won't be ready physically or mentally to lead your business in this challenging environment for a prolonged period of time. taking regular exercise and having proper rest and nutrition will help you to lay the foundations you need to lead your company sustainably for the long term.

We can all manage short terms of high pressure and high stress environments, however these soon take their toll if you do not give your body and mind the proper rest and nutrition that it needs. Sometimes the best thing to do to help out the people is to sort yourself out first. In exceptional times where there is an ongoing threat of illness and and an unusual trading environment this increases the level of stress we face as leaders. This means it's even more important to check in with yourself and keep yourself well.

Our sister company Executive Focus has as an approach involving movement practices, nutrition and mindset which help keep leaders in their performance zone so they can perform at their potential. When you follow approaches that consider your needs and how they interact as a whole you are better prepared for challenges that are thrown at you. While you serve your business community and look out for your teams and families, don't forget to look out out for yourselves.

If you won't look after yourselves make sure you have other people around you who will, because it's easy to neglect your own health when your priorities are other people. As people in business invariably we do prioritise other people so it's easily done, so here's a reminder that it is ok to be to be selfish here and make sure your health is in good condition because ultimately anyone who's in your care or responsibility will be no better off if you are out of action. Keep well, stay sharp!

Have a great bank holiday!

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