Goals, objectives, and vision

August 22, 2017
Daniel Janes

So you have a vision for your project. Is it the right one? We also help to stretch your thinking. To unlock your goals from the initial ideas of how to achieve them and give you additional options to achieve them.

A bold vision is always a good starting point. Well, it doesn't have to be bold, or even a BHAG, (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) - see Jim Collins, good to great on building excellence in companies. So long as you have an idea of what you want to achieve we can work with that. If you can be flexible as to how your goal is achieved you will be more likely to be successful. That being said, knowing exactly what you want and how you want it delivered can produce great results and momentum, however we still stretch the thinking as there can be additional benefits discovered through the process that may have been overlooked otherwise. It's easily done, we can all be fixated on a goal and not see the forest from the trees. Especially when in reality we don't always know what the 'forest' looks like or the different 'trees' that may be within it. There are many different ways that goals can be achieved strategically and a host of different tactics and tools out there to get them done. Finding the right ones for your project, your brand, your team and your time constraints is what we do best. We match the approach to your goals, and the resources you have available. We help you through the process of choosing the right strategies to achieve your real goals. Defining them is often where we will start with our clients and they find it an invaluable process, especially after they have gone through it. It is strangely one of those areas that creates the greatest resistance to going through it, yet gets one of the highest levels of praise. AFter all, no-one likes the suggestion that their ideas may not be the right way to go to achieve their goals, but we handle that with care. In fact we do not care about who's idea is who's your initial plan may be the best one, our initial approaches and draft plans may prove not to be the right fit for your industry, however through experience and our consultative and iterative approach we have learned not to be precious over the origin of ideas, yet to seek the right answer for our clients. In this way our meetings and engagements with clients are open and outcome orientated. We want to get to the right answer, and quickly, so our clients can get on with building their value.

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