Different ways that business growth can be achieved in 2019

June 13, 2019
Daniel Janes

Here are some of the different ways you can be achieving growth in 2019.

1. Email marketing - back to basics - do the basics right.
This is often a solid starting point for one of our engagements. It offers robust results where clients have existing customers who they have not engaged fully with recently. How is your email marketing? What are you doing to engage with your audience? Email is still a highly effective way of engaging with audiences and should not be overlooked when considering engagement approaches for your audience.

2. Create a content platform that engages.
It is no longer good enough to just write content and expect people to arrive. Offer real value with a platform that gives your audience an additional capability - we are finalising our campaign room that we have built where our audience can plan their campaigns and access additional insights. It is also a premium area for our clients where they can access and manage their reports and advanced insights. This will be a real benefit to our audience and a potential source of new customers.

3. Add value to your network.
Networking is about adding value to your network. Change your perspective on networking, and stop thinking purely about meeting new people and selling to them. Think about how you can help them by giving them useful information. By doing this you become a genuinely useful person in their network.

4. Extend adding value to sales.
Add value to your prospects before you expect to receive. But know your value. View sales as adding value to your client by providing them with something that they will be able to use to achieve a goal they want. I grew up with a bad attitude to asking for money. I was raised not to ask for money and that stunted my sales ability. I can sell well, when it comes to solutions and problem solving, yet the aspect where you ask for money or for the sale was a deep challenge. I did some deep work to move myself away from that and now I have a different perspective. Now I realise that the sale is a representation of the value that I provide, and that our services help clients to achieve their goals. Yet do not forget that you offer real value and that is worth charging for. So while you may offer some advice for free, you do not have to offer all of your advice or consultancy for free. We charge for our discovery service as we go the extra mile and it is highly valuable and appreciated by our clients.

5. Give without expecting to receive.
You might be seeing a pattern here. We generally expect to get things without giving. Try this for a few weeks and you'll soon find the world works a lot better when we give first. If you can give unconditionally without expecting to receive then you open up a world of positive experiences. Firstly for those people who you give to. Secondly to those relationships that start to develop as a result of the value you have provided. The key is not to expect anything in return. Sure you might ask for an email here and there, but give value before you start to promote your services, and please avoid overdoing your sales pitches. When people appreciate what you have done for them, they will come to you in their own time.

6. Establish a product ecosystem.
Something that is taught in the Dent Business Accelerator Programme is to establish a product ecosystem. We help our clients to develop that ecosystem. Whether you have been through the program, which we recommend. Or if you want to develop those kind of assets that can support your growth, we can help you to implement it. The programme gives you the time to think about your business. We can engage with you to refine and implement your ideas. If you're too strapped for time to join the programme or something similar then we can provide the support to develop your idea and your assets for you.

7. Connect with your users needs.
Understand what your audience really needs and find ways to deliver it. If they need to know how to use a product properly in order to go ahead and purchase it, consider making a training programme. Educate people so they can become better informed users. Perhaps its after care services that are important to your customers. Whatever it is, tap into it and make sure you evaluate the costs and benefits of providing it to your customers.

8. Look into trends in your industry.
Are you aware of the effects of changes happening politically and how these may affect your industry and your business? Brexit is a good example. It brings uncertainty in the business environment. Will you respond by joining others as they become more cautious? Or will you be one of the bold companies that benefits by showing leadership in their market and deepening the value they provide as others shrink away. When markets start to decline they

9. Stay up to date with new technology and marketing approaches.
Do you know what technologies could give you an edge in your industry? Are you watching the trends? Are you about to be disrupted by new technology? It may be happening slowly, but soon, overnight you may find yourself at a significant competitive disadvantage as threats to your business slowly gain a foothold in the industry. What are you doing to address such changes in technology? Could you be adopting new approaches to stay competitive as technology progresses?

10. Don't make super long to do lists that you expect to work from on a daily basis. Get on with what you have on. Getting the key things done, is more important than making very long lists and getting hardly any of it done. While it is important to take stock of everything you need to get done, it is less helpful to be faced with an insurmountable task to climb everyday. If it is too big to take on, it is likely to cause you stress. Now it depends what you do with that stress. If you decide to take action and assign work to relevant parties that can help you to accomplish those tasks then the stress was well placed, and prompted you to take a positive action towards solving the problem. However if you simply store up anxiety around the issue then you will not be helping anyone, least of all yourself. I create will do lists, using our Claritao Daily Planner. It's really handy and gives a snapshot of the things that you can be doing to improve your outcomes.

11. Delegate.
If you have too much going on and you insist that they are critical, then delegate. You can't be an expert at everything, yet most things on your to do list would help your business if you got them done. Don't hang around waiting for your more productive self to appear and suddenly be a copywriting guru, a web developing evangelist and a consumer psychology aficionado. Work with a team that understands what makes users tick and how to create digital assets that convert users. Claritao is your partner in campaign design and creation. Whether you work with us or with other specialists, don't try and take everything on yourself at the expense of getting these important outreach tasks done.

12. Get perspective.
It is incredibly valuable to have another sounding board to thrash out your ideas. We act as a trusted advisor to our clients and work through their ideas. We help shape them into campaigns that are designed to deliver on their business goals. We can see when approaches that our clients have initially considered will conflict with their wider goals. We can also see more effective alternatives to achieving their overall goals. Instead of just going along with the first plan that is suggested, whether from our client, or from our campaign planning process, we evaluate the plan against a rigorous criteria to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the client and their short and medium term planning.

13. Perfection is the enemy of great.
If you want to get great things done, you will be thwarted by the pursuit of perfection. We strive to do our best work, however trying to be perfect will hold you back when your good is actually someone else's very good, or even what they may consider to be perfect. We have high standards. Yet allowing yourself to wait for perfection can hold you back when delivering the very good work you have already produced will have a considerable positive impact. Do great work, ship it! Don't let perfection hold you back. You can always iterate and evolve the work once it is out and you are gathering feedback.

14. Because the number 13 is unlucky.
Listen to peoples subconscious biases. Now there is nothing inherently unlucky about the number 13, however because a lot of people perceive it to be unlucky, on a subconscious basis it may have held a negative effect in the mind of some viewers. Consider the cognitive (mental) biases that your audience may hold and how that can affect your actions and the messaging that you use. We go into these factors and heuristic biases on our client engagements.
The author Daniel Janes can be reaches at cso@claritao.co.uk
Daniel Janes is the Chief Simplicity Officer at Claritao.

If you would like to schedule a consulting meeting with Daniel to run over your initial needs we have a needs analysis process where we research your industry and provide actionable advice.

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