Are your values aligned to your business role?

Daniel Janes, CEO

What do you value? What makes you take action? If you think about why you take action you may be surprised by the result. Sometimes we are forced to take action by a deadline, or another commitment, yet unless it is linked to a higher level action the results are likely average, or unsustainable. Actions and commitments linked to our values have a greater chance of being performed to a high level and achieving a positive outcome. Think about what you do in your role, are the activities aligned to the values? Are your values as a business leader and professional fulfilled in your role? If they are not, you may need to adjust your role or your perspective.

Behavioural specialist Dr John Demartini talks about matching values with the role in a business to be truly effective. Unless we are aligned to our values then we won’t be happy with what we are doing. This doesn't mean that if you value helping others, that you need to become a doctor or healthcare professional. You can help others in different ways. It could be that as your role as a sales leader, you take on a mentee who you can help develop in their role. This can help align your values with your current role if you find that you are not hitting key areas. I am aligned with my role as I like to solve problems, something that running a company that helps visionaries with their growth challenges helps you do. I also like to coach and see people develop. That I do with our core team, our specialists and with our clients. We are all on a journey. We have all made a commitment to develop in our roles, and master our skill-sets. There are challenges on the way, yet we know what we value and work towards providing value to others that can help in the pursuit of their goals, and achieving their values. Working with great people who are smart, motivated and want to develop is a high value to me. I want to spend my time with people who are motivated to make a difference and to push themselves in what they do. That doesn’t mean having people who are the finished article necessarily.

People are more rounded if they have the attitude in fact that they are able to develop, and that they strive to get better at what they do. Do you value community, and contributing to something that is greater than just yourself. Team work is an important thing in a creative digital team, especially one  that is linked to client results. Do you enjoy problem solving? Do you get a buzz from finding a solution and sharing it with those that were struggling to overcome it. Providing relief from a pain that was slowing down their progress or causing them stress. Those values align with me and fulfil me in my role. I’ve just had the same relief from a new service provider, who has come in and provided clarity for us in an area that we are not core at for our own business needs. It’s quite a relief to have them come in and take charge of something that I otherwise have to muddle through every year, but am not really engaged in. As a result, I can focus on activities that are more aligned to my values I can stay more engaged, more energised, and more productive. I have also give someone else work, in something that is aligned to their values and skill-sets. It’s a win win with our roles, and values operating in the right areas. I am not trying to use my time to achieve a task that I am not an expert in, and I can spend my time delivering on higher  value activities in my business,while they deliver their expertise at a high level on that challenge in my business.

Are you trying to do things in your business that you are not expert in? Is that holding back your business potential? Are you spending too much time trying to solve a problem that you are not specialised in? Would you be more productive if you delegated work in more areas, and focused on the value you provide through your core services? Have you found out and decided what your core business offering is and where you can add more value in your business? Understanding what your core offering is and who it is for is important to developing your specialism in your business. Think about what you value, and decide what to offer.

Action steps

  • Consider what you value in your business
  • Take the quiz and see where you could be better aligning  your values in your organisation.
  • Take this bonus action. What do you value? In the campaign room.
  • Go to the Campaign Room and Sign up for a free account where you can find out more about Values and complete the following exercise:-
  • Bonus high value exercise used by Dr Demartini: - Ask yourself “If you were given £10 million what would you do with it?” See the Campaign Room to complete the exercise.

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