Are you ready for the GDPR?

April 12, 2018
Daniel Janes

We have been asked by a number of clients about the upcoming privacy legislation, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR which is the overhaul of the privacy legislation means that there will be an increased requirement on businesses to comply with data privacy legislation. While it represents an additional burden on the administrative load businesses contend with, there are also glimmers of positivity within it. By having to review these practices companies are becoming clearer on the data they do hold, it’s value, and what to do with it. It occur that data is simply held for the sake of having it since the cost of storage is falling, and it is not realised. You may already be GDPR compliant, however it is worth reviewing your practices in line with the new legislation. Not to mention consumers confidence and trust in a company is likely to rise with the peace of mind that their data is being properly taken care of, and should they wish it, they have the ability to request their information and have it deleted. It may well be that at the moment, there are customers that are withholding participation in some company schemes that are data heavy, in order to control their information. With more control to the consumer to have that data removed at their discretion, there may be a higher participation in schemes, this is anecdotal speculation yet in essence, it is not all gloom for companies.

While the legislation is complex, it may take some time to fully understand the implications of it on organisation in the future. I have attached the Information Commissioners Office action guide for 12 Steps to take now, which you may already have. It gives a useful outline of the areas to look into regarding your readiness for the GDPR. If you should want any further support then we are offering compliance support to businesses. In particular those that are pursuing growth strategies and want to make sure that their practices are in line with the new legislation. Whether that be for marketing, or for mining data and insights. This is our bread and butter and we work in these solutions to provide value and insights for our clients so they can better serve theirs. As mentioned, the GDPR can be seen both as a hinderance, and a help. We acknowledge the need for new legislation from the perspective of the consumer, as consumers ourselves we can wonder at how consistently other companies treat data security and privacy. This legislation sets a new standard. It also promotes better use of data in your organisation from increased structure and organisation behind the data that you do hold, prompting companies to review their policies. Responsible companies will be able to build better rapport and serve customers more with the increased trust and awareness behind the data that they do hold. Part of the legislation means being more explicit behind the motives for collecting the data. Rather than simply explaining that the information is being used to improve the customer service, more information on the actual use of the information needs to be provided.

We are focused on providing insights to our clients to help them identify opportunities to grow their business and improve their processes. If you would like a discovery or want to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us.

Whether you need to check on the lawful basis you have for processing users personal data - often being consent from the party, through to whether you need to review your automated systems there are a number of areas that need attention from organisations that want to better serve their customers and need to process information to do so.

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