20 Words to Run a Business By

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The following insight article is from our Executive Horizon series where we help business leaders to get a stronger grasp to to lead their businesses with confidence. We share advice from our client engagements and years involved in running businesses, and obsessing over optimising performance and executive goals.

Networking - adding value to others
Product -
having something people value and want to buy
Perseverance -
staying in there until customers beat a path to your door.
Discipline -
doing what needs to be done when you don’t want to do it.
Strategy -
being purposeful about what you do so you can find an edge.
Exploration -
willing to take calculated risks and recognise there is no certainty
Commitment -
be steadfast in the pursuit of your end goal
Flexibility -
be prepared to adjust the course on how you get there
Collaboration -
recognise that you can’t get anywhere meaningful alone.
Innovation -
seeking to get an edge through novel use of technology and process
Entrepreneurship -
open to seeing new ways of combining resources to add value
People minded -
know the value in people and how they can drive your business
Financial literacy -
know the key numbers that drive your business
KPIs -
understand the metrics that run your business
Trading conditions -
what is happening in the marketplace and how that affects your business PESTEL - C
Competitive analysis -
understanding what your competitive environment is like
Problem solving -
an ability and willingness to resolve issues and get to a positive result
Mental heuristics -
the tendency for decision to be made based on erroneous logic.
Intuition -
an ability to discern an outcome based on judgement without full facts
Empathy -
being able to understand what others are experience from their point of view.

This list is non-exhaustive yet gives a highlight for priorities to have in mind when running your business. To be successful it helps to have a strong awareness of these factors.

How do you apply these in your business?

Action steps:
Review the list. What are you doing well?  What do you need to apply more in your business? What do you need to learn more about?

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