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Growth list
Explore different ways you can grow your online presence and expand your business opportunities to support company growth.
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Taking Care of Yourself
Are you taking good enough care of yourself to mentally lead your business to the best of you ability?
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20 Words to Run a Business By
What do you need to apply more in your business? What do you need to learn more about? This list is non-exhaustive yet gives a highlight for priorities to have in mind when running your business.
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Washing your hands - and other things on habits
Why wash our hands? Because time has shown again and again that it is a useful way of limiting infections. So what do we do? We make a habit of it. We reinforce these habits through repetition. We learn why they are important and either internalise these values and do it because we know they are good for us. Or we do it because we are punished for not doing it, such as by our parents as we learn these habits growing up. Yet what if we don’t have someone standing over our shoulder to tell us what to do and where we are going wrong?
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The Busy Exec / Entrepreneurs evening checklist
What do you do each evening to prepare for the day ahead? Do you find yourself planning and preparing for the next day? Do you reflect on what you have done well today, or done well previously? This checklist should serve as a reminder to get some simple, yet important steps done before you switch off for the day. Time invested in your evening ritual will pay dividends. Many of us have a routine and are fixed at it. Ready for the next day. As a business owner, executive or entrepreneur there are many different things that happen each day, beyond the usual, and we need to be aware of them and process them so we can develop.
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Are your values aligned to your business role?
What do you value? What makes you take action? If you think about why you take action you may be surprised by the result. Sometimes we are forced to take action by a deadline, or another commitment, yet unless it is linked to a higher level action the results are likely average, or unsustainable. Actions and commitments linked to our values have a greater chance of being performed to a high level and achieving a positive outcome. Think about what you do in your role, are the activities aligned to the values? Are your values as a business leader and professional fulfilled in your role? If they are not, you may need to adjust your role or your perspective.
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Different ways that business growth can be achieved in 2019
These are some tried and tested approaches for you
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Why SEO is still alive
How SEO is still very much relevant to marketing today and can help your paid campaigns
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Are you ready for the GDPR?
New legislation due to come into force from May 25th 2018
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Why Claritao?
How Claritao creates value for our clients
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Goals, objectives, and vision
Expand your vision and implement with a results-oriented approach
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You bring the vision
Claritao's vision is your vision, we build map with you to get there
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