Growth Tactics

Different ways to growth

One of Claritao's unofficial mottos is 'Don't be Selfish'. We believe that creating lasting value for businesses, whether they are currently growing with us or not, will lead to mutual success and growth for Claritao and the companies in our ecosystem. These Growth Tactics provides insight into some of the approaches we consider when helping our clients grow, and just a few of the things you could be doing to grow your business. For implementation support See the Campaign Room where you can get further implementation guidance and support for each tactic.

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Create a brand community

Reddit is a useful platform for creating and engaging a community around your business or products
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Consistent Company Communications

Establishing consistent communication across the business is key to project clarity and confidence
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Only collect necessary information

Collecting unnecessary or excessive information can put visitors off. Include only those that support conversion.
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Premium Customer Support

A priority tier of customer service for premium customers can create value and retain key accounts
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Retain existing customers

Retaining existing customers creates consistent repeat sources of revenue, and is often easier than attracting new ones.
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Ask for Referrals

Asking for referrals is often a good way of getting them from satisfied clients
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Consider Web Conventions

Following web conventions is good for navigation and user experience
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Keep your customers in the loop

Recapture a visitor's attention without them searching for your brand/products
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Utilise SEO for your Website

Internal links connects content on your website and is critical for SEO
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Local and Global Websites

For global brand presence and reach, make your webpage accessible internationally
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Create Content with Key People

Brand representatives can become a powerful voice in communicating with your customers and partners
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Fast-track Sales Process for Referrals

There's no need to put your referral leads through the entire sales process
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Product Recommendation System

Recommend products to improve your customer's search, user experience, and conversion rate.
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Target your Competition's Audiences

Specifically target your competitor's audiences to capture their leads and market
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Website Performance Optimisation

A fast, responsive website is key to performance and user experience
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Segmented Email Campaign

Email campaigns with content customised for customer groups are more effective
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Anchored prices

Creating multiple prices creates perspective and can raise perceived value
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Limit Product/Service Catalogue

Limiting the choice of products/services to avoid overwhelming prospects
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