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Find your next growth area

Get clear on your growth goals and lead with confidence

Are you ready to meet your business growth goals?

  • Are you pursuing the right plan for your needs?
  • Do you know where your strengths are?
  • Do you know which resources are needed to succeed?

It's a challenge when we want to move forwards with pace and confidence, yet the path ahead isn't clear. When we start to learn about the approaches that can be effective, we realise how many options there really are, and how many different ways they can be implemented.

At Claritao we give you options that are relevant to your business, and the context to make informed decisions about the path to take for your business growth. The Growth Audit is an important part of this process and gives you a clear view of your current growth position in light of your market, and your growth objectives.

Get clear on your goals and lead with confidence

People who have undertaken the Growth Audit  report that they have a clearer idea of their goals and their current resources, and which areas need attention in order to move towards those goals. We can then provide implementation plans for companies that would like to take that further.

Gain clarity for your growth goals,
access in the Campaign Room.

Take your Campaign Room Growth Audit

The Growth Audit is part of the first stages of the Campaign Room service. It leads to deeper analysis and strategy planning to support your growth actions, and taking decisions with confidence. Undertaking a Growth Audit will give you a clearer picture of your options for growth.

Why have a growth audit? 

Why go through a process to look at the bigger picture? If you just start doing without first thinking about what and why you are doing things, you run the risk of mis-stepping in execution and getting a sub-optimal result. Ultimately, taking longer to achieve your goals, or worse, missing opportunities altogether.

What does the Growth Audit consider?

A Growth Audit considers the areas that you want to address, that can help to improve your understanding of your business growth potential.

It focuses on the top-line areas that generate revenue, and considers the other areas that can affect performance, such as operations, financial constraints, customer service performance, sales and marketing.

These areas come together to enhance your business growth capabilities.

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operations and Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Market activity
  • Strategy planning
  • Action taking

Growth Audit in the Campaign Room

The Growth Audit gives you access to the campaign Room. It's the first stage of understanding our clients businesses and giving them greater clarity on their opportunities and potential. If you order a Growth Audit we give you complementary access to the Campaign Room so you can familiarise yourself with it. There are also bundles available.

What's the outcome? 

You get a clear view on the opportunities available for you to grow.

From the questions the Growth Audit asks, we put together a picture of your current business, your goals, and your areas of opportunity to to address to support your growth.

  • Move forwards with confidence
  • Gain clarity on what you want to achieve
  • See your potential as a business
  • Align your growth strategy to the business goals

What are the next steps? 

Take action and get the Growth Audit today

Take the Growth Audit Quiz

Case study

How the Growth audit improved Van Haulin's revenue.

The audit led to a plan - working with the Claritao team to make the most of the results. From the initial audit and assessment of Van Haulin's client base we were quickly able to identify areas of opportunity to win further business. Alex from Van Haulin used this to decide to take action and instigated a campaign with Claritao to reach out to specifically identified customers which lead to new bookings, and increased revenues.

Our own experience with the Campaign Room Growth Audit

At Claritao we practice what we preach, and the growth audit has taken us from drifting from project to project to having a clear mission and vision for who we want to serve, and where we add the most value, culminating in our new online presence and bringing our creative and strategic services to clients. We have also gained the courage to do more marketing, and lead outreach for our own services. Something that in the past we had not done - preferring to stay smaller, and stick to referral business. Now we are clear on what we are here to do, and equipped to provide we take decisive action, and commit.

We highly recommend that other companies go through the Growth Audit to give them better understanding of how they can benefit from growth minded activities. The free version is self service with some support from us during the implementation. We are providing this for free because of the value you will get from seeing your prospects more clearly, and how you will be more ready to take action to pursue your goals. For us it's a win-win. We help you get clarity, and if you have enjoyed and benefitted from what we do and have to offer,  speak to us about our other services and how they could grow your business further. Until then, get clear on the areas to address your business growth with the Campaign Room - Growth Audit.

See where you can grow!
The growth audit has allowed us to see where our most important opportunities are, and where we need to focus our attention. Critically we have been able to see what not to focus on, and plan an implementation strategy to service our clients where we can add most value, and it fits our core competencies. We have since created a roadmap based on the review that the Growth Audit gave us as a foundation.

What is the Growth Audit Process?

The process for the Growth Audit involves three simple steps, each building on the last to identify opportunities for growth.

  • Discovery questions to understand your goals
  • Supporting evidence on the market
  • Recommendations for areas to address

How long does it take

We get your audit back to you quickly. With an initial report provided instantly based on your responses.

If you want advanced features such as Competitive market report from our specialists and expert lead assessments then we can offer that as an additional service which is turned around in 3 - 5 working days or a longer 1 - 2 week process for more complex businesses.

    What happens after your Growth Audit

    You have a guide to the areas to focus on to grow your business. You can see a path to achieve the goals for your organisation.

    You can have a follow-up call with a Claritao consultant to review your Growth Audit report with you and discuss the findings.

    The Growth Audit is part of the first stage of the Campaign Room setup.
    You have access to the Starter Campaign Room and can enjoy the resources there.

    • Go deeper on your identified review areas
    • Identify Strategies and tactics
    • Implement and iterate

    Get started to see where you can grow! 

    If you are taking less action than you would like, or than is necessary to achieve the growth goals that you need you already know you have a change to make.

    • Take the Growth Audit Quiz
    • See where you need to pay more attention
    • Seize your opportunities to grow

    Want something more?

    Want to take action, sooner and lead your teams with clarity?

    If the thought of waiting for a report has you feeling like you want to be taking action, yet aren't sure where you need to focus, the Campaign Room may well be for you. Learn more here.

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