Claritao Content Generator

Get your ideas into Campaign action

Stage 1:
Generating Ideas

Creating content can be a tireing and inconsistent experience. We make things easy for you. Fill in your details on the form in the Campaign Room. The Claritao Content Generator helps you to create great content strategies for your business goals, get them down on paper and funnel that into tactical action plans specially designed for such uses as social media content or marketing videos and other results driven content.

Stage 2:
Checking, planning and scheduling

Once these plans are conceptualised we conduct a stringent quality check on each individual strategy ensuring it's the right course of action for your business. Once checked we will produce a detailed schedule for you to follow allowing you to know exactly what when and where to be implementing each strategy.

Stage 3:
Repeat / Delegate

Whether you use The Claritao Content Generator to coordinate your own content, or have someone else working on it there is a significant advantage from lightening your load so you can focus, and the execution can increase in these key areas.

Done for you

You fill in a short questionnaire. We take care of the rest, having learned about your business from our Campaign Discovery, when you come to use the Content Generator, a few questions later and you're ready to go.

Get your content into action with the Content Generator.

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